This picture was taken for some promotional content at IU. See how I wrote "ideas" in the bottom corner?? I got 'em!

Eleanor B. Schille-Hudson

I am a Ph.D. student in Cognitive Science & Cognitive Psychology at Indiana University, Bloomington. My faculty advisors are David Landy (now at Netflix) and Rob Goldstone. My research generally investigates the cognitive mechanisms of perception, attention, and memory. Lately, my focus has been on understanding how people's beliefs are formed and how they update, as well as how those beliefs go on to affect behavior, especially in religious contexts. I employ a combination of behavioral studies, computational modeling, and philosophical thinking.

You can check out my projects past and present in the Research Projects section above.

Contact me (if you want)!

Do so by emailing erbrower (at) iu (dot) edu

(the "Schille" in Schille-Hudson is pronounced 'shill-ee')


November 2021: My dissertation proposal has been approved! I am now officially ABD!

Fall 2021: I have moved! My husband, Eli, got a job as the Instructor of Guitar at Western Washington University! I am now finishing out the last year of my Ph.D. remotely from the west coast.

April 2021: I was awarded "Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant" by IU PBS for Fall 2020 :)

April 6-10, 2021: I am attending the 2021 Society of Psychological Anthropology meeting: Interrogating Inequality!

March 2021: After a lot of applying (and a lot of rejection), I'm thrilled to announce that I have accepted an offer to be a research intern at Microsoft Research this summer! I'll be working with Sid Suri and John Krumm on a project about how people value the privacy of their data (and if we can get them to value it more).

Spring 2021: I am teaching a course that I designed on the Cognitive Science of Religion & having a blast doing it! Check out the teaching section of this website if you're interested in a syllabus or other deets.