This picture was taken for some promotional content at IU. See how I wrote "ideas" in the bottom corner?? I got 'em!

Eleanor B. Schille-Hudson

I am a Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Anthropology working with Tanya Luhrmann at Stanford University. I earned my Ph.D. in Cognitive Science & Cognitive Psychology at Indiana University, Bloomington. My faculty advisors were David Landy (now at Netflix) and Rob Goldstone. My research generally investigates the cognitive mechanisms of perception, attention, and memory. Lately, my focus has been on understanding how people's beliefs are formed and how they update, as well as how those beliefs go on to affect behavior, especially in religious contexts. I employ a combination of behavioral studies, computational modeling, and philosophical thinking. 

You can check out my projects past and present in the Research Projects section above. 

You can reach me by emailing: erbsh(at)stanford(dot)edu

(the "Schille" in Schille-Hudson is pronounced 'shill-ee')


January 2023: I have started an exciting postdoc working with the inimitable Tanya Luhrmann at Stanford, working on the Templeton-funded Perceiving Divine Presences project.

December 2022: I defended my dissertation (virtually, with the distinction of being the best-attended dissertation defense Rob Goldstone has ever seen). All was well and I graduated :)